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On the ninth of April 2019, organizes a symposium on different relationships between architecture and digital media, whether it’s the impact of the Internet, the ability to add meaning and atmospheres, or the opportunities to make invisible things visible and create fictions. Digital technology encompasses such a vast field today that in architecture it stretches from design software to robotics and from the Internet to AI. Whether it’s the technology itself or the billions of people using it, changing it and being influenced by it, there increasingly seems to be something secretive and uncontrollable about it. In this symposium, authors, artists and architects search for dei ex machina, to shed light on the situation, face our demons, surprise us and maybe even suggest ways out.
The first panel is dedicated to the different ways in which the Internet connects humans with humans, humans with machines, and machines with machines. The data that circulate at high speed through the Web are not confined within the borders of its digital networks, but migrate outside of them, affecting people and objects, their function and position in space. The Internet is not any more a novelty, but a banality that generates an environment defined by ubiquitous authorship, attention as currency, the collapse of digital into material space and the infinite reproduction and mutation of cultural products. How can architecture and art confront this condition?
The second panel of the symposium will deal with the possibilities of realities: physical, augmented and virtual. Next to the question about the role of architecture, and architects, in the design of virtual worlds or in the extension of the physical environment through augmented reality, another important issue will be the bodily impact of these transitions. Still seen as temporary escapes, the panel will discuss about how these installations may change or extend our human experience, knowledge and values.
The third panel of the symposium will discuss the relationship between Fiction and architecture. By showing different approaches to the topic, the panel will address issues related to representation and the fabrication of fictional realities. Fiction will be presented as a reality in itself, fabricated by an author, or
as a way through which it is possible to problematize, represent and critically engage the material reality of architecture. Next to these issues, it will be discussed how architecture itself can be seen as a fictional discipline that, thanks to its aesthetics, its language and its meaning, can infiltrate the construction of our cultural imaginary. Simultaneously seen as a strategy and as a reality in itself, the panel will discuss about how the question of fiction can variously influence our realities.

From Vienna Into Space. Designing Ships for Indepedence Day: Resurgence/ Johannes Mücke

Johannes Mücke studied Architecture at the RWTH Aachen, the UCLA and received his master at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, studio Greg Lynn. He had teaching engagements for life drawing at the RWTH, architectural design at studio Lynn and visual narration at studio Fiona Raby at the UfaK Vienna. After having worked for […]

Fluidum / Alexa Baumgartner

Alexa Baumgartner studied architecture in Innsbruck and Eindhoven. With her master‘s thesis, she was part of the international research project on the Israeli architect Leopold Gerstel at the Insitute of Architectural Theory in collaboration with Mathieu Wellner. Her master’s thesis was priced with the START scholarship for architecture and design by the Austrian Federal Ministry […]

City of Legends. The Rise of Gamespace / Davide Tommaso Ferrando

Davide Tommaso Ferrando is an architecture researcher and critic, particularly interested in the intersections between architecture, city and media. M.Arch in Advanced Architectural Design at ETSA Madrid and Ph.D in Architecture and Building Design at Politecnico di Torino, he is Post-Doc University Assistant in the Department of Architectural Theory and History at the University of […]

Booklet Connected/Augmented/Fictional. Architecture in the Network

The symposium Connected/Augmented/Fictional, on some of the many relationships between architecture and digital media, takes place in the spaces of in the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Innsbruck, Technikerstraße 21. We are happy to have a prominent selection of lecturers both from Austria and abroad, a screening of Johannes Mücke’s film UI – […]

Ballard and the Pineal Eye / Bettina Siegele

Since September 2019 Bettina Siegele is PhD-Researcher and Teaching Assistant at the working group of Architecturaltheory at Innsbruck University. Furthermore, she is assistant at the Tiroler Künstler*schaft, where she is, among other tasks, in charge of „Kunst im öffentlichen Raum” (art in public space) of the state of Tyrol (together with Ingeborg Erhart). Besides she […]

Immersive Empathies / Uwe Brunner & Cenk Güzelis

Uwe Brunner is an architect, visual artist and researcher. He studied at the TU in Vienna, the School of Arts in Amsterdam and received his Master’s Degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. His work has been exhibited and screened in multiple locations including MAK Museum for Applied Arts Vienna, SCI-Arc Los Angeles, […]

Metabolic Machines and Daemons of Life / Thomas Feuerstein

Thomas Feuerstein is a Vienna based artist and writer whose work oscillates between thefields of fine art and media art. Born in 1968in Innsbruck, he studied art history and philosophy at the University of Innsbruck, and obtained his doctoral degree in 1995. In 1992 he founded the office for intermedia communication transfer and the association […]

Fiction, Time / Giacomo Pala

Giacomo Pala is an architect and researcher based in Innsbruck, Austria, where he works at the department of architecture theory as an assistant researcher – collaborating in research activities and in teaching the “Archi-FIcture” studios. He conducts his PhD at the same university under the guidance of Peter Trummer. More specifically, his research is focused […]

Architecture of the Immersive Internet / Lara Lesbe & Fredrik Hellberg

Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg both graduates from the Architectural Association in London, founded Space Popular in Bangkok in 2013. Based in London since 2016, the practice works at multiple scales: from furniture and interior design to architecture and the design of virtual worlds. The duo have extensive teaching experience at INDA (Bangkok) and the […]

The Landscape Channel / Bart Lootsma

Bart Lootsma is a historian, theoretician, criticand curator in the fields of architecture, designand the visual arts. He is Dean and Professor for Architectural Theory at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Innsbruck. He was Guest Professor at the University of Luxemburg, the Academy of Visual Arts in Vienna, the Academy of Visual […]