[:en]Conference on European Urbanisation and Globalisation[:de]Conference on European Urbanisation and Globalisation[:]

The three-day conference on Architecture, European Urbanisation and Globalisation is the first event of the future Master in Architecture – MArch at the University of Luxembourg, organised by Carole Schmit and Bart Lootsma. It presents in each session a mix of internationally leading architects, writers, curators and academics. Its goal is first to open up the panorama of issues the new Master will deal with and then, during debates, raise crucial issues to focus on by research and design work done in the coming years. The University of Luxembourg is a new and rapidly expanding educational and research institution, founded in 2003. In addition to the many new BA and MA courses the University is offering and developing, it has recently decided to initiate an MA in Architecture dealing with European Urbanisation and Globalisation that will start in the fall of 2013. Collaborating with among others the Faculty of Engineering, this Master is situated in the Faculty of Language and Literature, Humanities, Arts and Education and connected to the Research Unit IPSE, Identités, Politiques, Societés, Espace, which is concerned with relevant social issues and developments in a socio-cultural, historical, political, spatial and linguistic perspective. Its research activities do not focus exclusively on Luxembourg but take a broader view to include the level of the Greater Region and Europe at large.

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