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2112Ai 100YC brings together 100 visionaries including progressive international architecture schools under the directorship of many of the world’s most innovative architects. Each school is invited to propose a visionary project or master plan for the City of Maribor and work within trans-disciplinary teams that may include architects, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, economists, artists and urbanists amongst others.

Maribor 2112Ai / Ursula Frick / Mumbai Masterplan

„urban field – adaptive urban fabric“ by Designers Ursula Frick & Thomas Grabner: “Our modern times are unimaginable without planning. The growth of settlements and cities is so tempestuous that a slow process of adaptation is no longer possible. This, therefore, poses the question, whether by means of more adaptable planning theories, processes can be […]

Maribor 2112Ai / Martin Mutschlechner / Methodologie Masterplan

Brixen nimmt mit dem vorliegenden Masterplan eine Vorreiterstellung in Südtirol ein, indem es mit diesem raumplanerischen Instrumentarium eine Lücke zwischen regionaler und lokaler Planung schließen möchte. Brixen positioniert sich damit als Stadt des Dialoges, womit es den Schlüssel für die Akzeptanz langfristiger Planungsmaßnahmen und einer nachhaltigen Regionalentwicklung in der Hand hält. Das Projekt Masterplan Brixen […]

Maribor 2112Ai / Christian Salewski / Scenario Planning

„Dutch New Worlds. Scenarios in Physical Planning and Design in the Netherlands, 1970-2000“, by Christian Salewski: Our decisions shape our future, but we know little about how. To find out, planners and designers construct vivid images of what could be. These scenarios serve as path-breakers between imagination and reason. In the late 1980s, the elite […]