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Intro (Short Explained Version) / Lorenz Foth

Machines and the related possible large-scale automation could potentially resolve many social and environmental issues if it causes some major changes in political systems. When presuming so, what would life look like for people once they work significantly less? And how could Architecture behave and change in order to uphold the positive outcomes of this […]

Blank Generation / Bart Lootsma

Blank Generation is the recording of a keynote lecture by Bart Lootsma in The New institute in Rotterdam on March 8, 2018 in the context of the symposium Whatever Happened to History and Theory in Dutch Architecture? The lecture introduces the unique early work of ao. Gert Jan Willemse, Johan Kappetein, Wim van den Bergh […]

Nothing happens until something moves / Nina Rattensperger & Christine Gasser

In our Master thesis we concern ourselves with the concept of nomadism in the architectural avant-garde, and their ideas can still show certain values in contemporary architecture. The goal is to understand the different aspects of this concept, coming up in certain discourses and groups in the 1960ies, how it became and is still part […]

At home we’re tourists / Anna Luison

“At Home He‘s A Tourist!” (1979) is the title of one of the most successful tracks of the British band Gang Of Four active since the end of the 1970s. By accident the name of this song, written now thirty years ago, anticipates the contemporary socio-cultural condition, which is, among others, related to phenomenon of […]