(Deutsch) AT / Das Bauhaus: Architektur & Städtebau 1919-1933 / Bart Lootsma

(Deutsch) Cultural Studies / Vorlesung 2 / Mathieu Wellner

From Vienna Into Space. Designing Ships for Indepedence Day: Resurgence/ Johannes Mücke

Johannes Mücke studied Architecture at the RWTH Aachen, the UCLA and received his master at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, studio Greg Lynn. He had teaching engagements for life drawing at the RWTH, architectural design at studio Lynn and visual narration at studio Fiona Raby at the UfaK Vienna. After having worked for […]

Fluidum / Alexa Baumgartner

Alexa Baumgartner studied architecture in Innsbruck and Eindhoven. With her master‘s thesis, she was part of the international research project on the Israeli architect Leopold Gerstel at the Insitute of Architectural Theory in collaboration with Mathieu Wellner. Her master’s thesis was priced with the START scholarship for architecture and design by the Austrian Federal Ministry […]

(Deutsch) Cultural Studies / Vorlesung 4 / Mathieu Wellner

(Deutsch) Cultural Studies / Einführung / Mathieu Wellner

Ballard and the Pineal Eye / Bettina Siegele

Since September 2019 Bettina Siegele is PhD-Researcher and Teaching Assistant at the working group of Architecturaltheory at Innsbruck University. Furthermore, she is assistant at the Tiroler Künstler*schaft, where she is, among other tasks, in charge of „Kunst im öffentlichen Raum” (art in public space) of the state of Tyrol (together with Ingeborg Erhart). Besides she […]

Immersive Empathies / Uwe Brunner & Cenk Güzelis

Uwe Brunner is an architect, visual artist and researcher. He studied at the TU in Vienna, the School of Arts in Amsterdam and received his Master’s Degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. His work has been exhibited and screened in multiple locations including MAK Museum for Applied Arts Vienna, SCI-Arc Los Angeles, […]

(Deutsch) Cultural Studies / Vorlesung 3 / Mathieu Wellner

TommorowsInnsbruckToday / Jan Contala, Teresa Ehrenstrasser, Philipp Schwaderer

This is a video made as a contribution by the students Jan Contala, Teresa Ehrenstrasser and Philipp Schwaderer for this semesters Masters Studio, which deals with architectural heterotopias: Constellations of spaces with specific scenarios, programs, atmospheres, lifestyles and freedoms that form spaces for specific subcultures, lifestyles and individuals.

Fiction, Time / Giacomo Pala

Giacomo Pala is an architect and researcher based in Innsbruck, Austria, where he works at the department of architecture theory as an assistant researcher – collaborating in research activities and in teaching the “Archi-FIcture” studios. He conducts his PhD at the same university under the guidance of Peter Trummer. More specifically, his research is focused […]

Architecture of the Immersive Internet / Lara Lesbe & Fredrik Hellberg

Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg both graduates from the Architectural Association in London, founded Space Popular in Bangkok in 2013. Based in London since 2016, the practice works at multiple scales: from furniture and interior design to architecture and the design of virtual worlds. The duo have extensive teaching experience at INDA (Bangkok) and the […]