Architekturtheorie Master SoSe 21 / Radical Austria 8. Everything is Architecture / Bart Lootsma

The experimental work by Austrian architecture collectives and designers from the early 1960s to mid-1970s is generally called ‘the Austrian Avant-Garde’. This lecture shows by many examples the mind-expanding, boundary-shifting and socially critical work of these designers as presented in the exhibition Radical Austria, Everything is Architecture in the Design Museum in Den Bosch.

Architekturtheorie_Master SoSe 21 / Radical Austria 5. Friedrich Kiesler / Bart Lootsma

This lecture deals notably with Friedrich Kiesler’s involvement with the theatre, the cinema, and storefronts as the basis for his later architectural thinking. It also shows the continuities between Friedrich Kiesler’s early involvement with the Viennese Settlement Movement and his ideas on housing.

Architekturtheorie_Master SoSe 21 / Radical Austria 2. Otto Neurath and the Settlement Movement 1 / Bart Lootsma

An introduction to Otto Neurath as a sociologist, economist, philosopher and planner. On the War Economy and the Economy in Kind, the Vienna Circle, Austro Marxism and the Scientific World View.

Radical Austria / 28.09.2015 Ein Kopf voller Eier: The visionary Friedrich Kiesler

From a “charming, quirky, and charismatic” character to someone with a Napoleon complex, the art collector Armand Bartos introduces his father’s collaborator, architect Friedrich Kiesler. But as this recent ORF broadcast shows, the only built project of the Austrian émigré, a museum built in 1965 in Israel named “the Shrine of the Book” is not […]

Architekturtheorie Master SoSe 21 / Radical Austria 7. All in Otto Neurath’s Ship / Bart Lootsma

About the ambivalent relationship in Austrian architectural thinking between the vernacular and modernity. It seems that one can’t work without the other – as in Neurath’s ship.

Architekturtheorie_Master SoSe 21 / Radical Austria 4. Otto Neurath: ISOTYPE and City Planning / Bart Lootsma

The development of the International Picture Language ISOTYPE, The Museum for Society and Economy and Otto Neurath’s ideas on planning beyond Vienna.

Architekturtheorie_1 SoSe21 / How the Other Half Lives / Bettina Schlorhaufer

How the Other Half Lives In vielen Städten des 19. Jahrhunderts war die unzureichende Wohnungsversorgung ein weit verbreitetes Phänomen. Besonders groß war das Wohnungselend in New York, wo die Bevölkerung bedingt durch die Einwanderungswellen infolge der Großen Depression nach 1873 sprunghaft anstieg. Reformen am Wohnungssektor wurden erst nach Bekanntwerden der bemerkenswerten Fotodokumentationen von Jacob Riis (1849–1914) […]

Radical Austria / 22.04.2003 Das Röhren des Jahrhunderts: Zünd-Up – Stirbt noch lange nicht

“World pollution, there’s no solution Institution, electrocution Just black or white, rich or poor Them and us, stop the war” Listening to “I’d love to change” by Ten Years After, we see three choppers taking the streets of Vienna. The riders are three members of the architecture group Zünd-Up: Timo Huber, Bertram Mayer, Michael Pühringer, […]

Architekturtheorie_Master SoSe 21 / Radical Austria 6. Friedrich Kiesler 2 / Bart Lootsma

This lecture is largely about Kiesler’s relationship to the avantgardes that sought refuge in New York, notably with the Surrealists. Kiesler’s friendship with Marcel Duchamp changes his thinking in many ways. He develops his own theory, Correalism. The Vision Machine is a theoretical construct that deals with both vision as seeing as well as how […]

Architekturtheorie_Master SoSe 21 / Radical Austria 3. Otto Neurath and the Settlement Movement 2 / Bart Lootsma

On Otto Neurath’s involvement in the Settlement Movement, its development in the nineteen twenties and the origins of Viennese public housing.

Radical Austria: The Movies. Introduction.

Parallel to the exhibition Radical Austria, Everything is Architecture in the Design Museum Den Bosch, on the Austrian avant-garde in art, fashion, design and architecture in the nineteen sixties and seventies, presents a selection of films on and by the protagonists of the exhibition, originally made for and broadcasted by the ORF.

Radical Austria / 02.10.2000 Treffpunkt Kultur: Rudi Gernreich

„Anything is an inspiration“, says Rudi Gernreich, following Hollein’s catchphrase “everything is architecture”. An only child of a modern, left, Jewish, Viennese family befriended with Egon Schiele, an early dancer, a homosexual that loved women and clothes, a partner of philosopher Oreste Pucciani, Gernreich had what it takes to shake the western world in the […]