Advanced Architectural Theory / Egosphere / Lorenz Foth

EGOSPHERE by Lorenz Foth Egosphere is an animated short film by Lorenz Foth (2021). The intention of the film is to visualize irony in spatial (physical space) configurations. Initially it was meant to analyze different forms of `inhabiting uninhabitable spaces`, which would mean inhabiting spaces where special advanced technology and isolation would be required in […]

Architekturtheorie Zwei WS 20 / Josef Hoffmann / Bart Lootsma

Architekturtheorie Zwei WS 20 / Radical Austria, A Little World In Which the Big One Holds Its Tryouts / Bart Lootsma

Radical Austria, A little world in which the big one holds its tryouts This year, both Architecturaltheory 2 and Architecturaltheory M will be dedicated to the Austrian avantgardes of the twentieth century – with the unavoidable emphasis on Vienna. This is due to the research we’ve been doing over the last 15 years in our […]

A journey around the hyperconscious / Magdalena Recheis & Florian Fesel

A 27-year old french man called Xavier de Maistre who undertook a journey in his bedroom in 1790. He loved discovering, as it was a trend already at this time. Discovering the world and travelling to other continents. Xavier’s dream was to fly, so he tried to build a pair of giant wings and wanted […]

Architekturtheorie Zwei WS20 / Ludwig Wittgenstein / Bart Lootsma

Architekturtheorie Zwei WS 20 / Otto Wagner / Bart Lootsma

Studio Introduction: ArchiComicals

Introduction to the Bachelorstudio 2020/21 at the institute for, thought by Giacomo Pala, Bettina Siegele & Eleni Boutsika Palles. apply via LFU-online Playfulness:The irony, the comical, the grotesque and the marvel, the fantastic, the joke, the gimmickry, and the absurd transformation of things. These are going to be the keywords accompanying us throughout this […]

The only Exit / Dominik Kroell, Philipp Wisiol, Stephan Hoellwarth

Global pandemics, natural disaster, the effects of climate change or nuclear accidents led top a global, worldwide isolation. We are imprisoned in our own homes and the intact world as we know it, has stopped. These disasters are pushing us forcefully forward to a new digital, virtual age at breakneck speed. How do we satisfy […]

Architekturtheorie Zwei WS 20 / Adolf Loos / Bart Lootsma

Architekturtheorie Zwei WS 20 / Fin de Siecle / Vienna Part I / Bart Lootsma

Sound Microbes / Cornelia Toifl

How electronics changed music and the perception of space With the help of actor network theory (ANT) as defined by Bruno Latour and Michelle Callon in the 1980s, this scientific work establishes the connection between the development of electronic music and the perception of space. “Poème électronique”, a composition by Edgard Varèse, was a decisive […]

Lockdown Madness / Julia Beck & Nadine Sturm

35-year-old Charlotte wanted to turn her life around, and she wanted to do it properly. She has been struggling with her job at the advertising agency for a long time and things are not going well with her family. But only her best friend knows how much she is seething. And maybe that‘s just as […]