Architekturtheorie Zwei WS 18 / Social housing from another perspective 2 / Bettina Schlorhaufer

10 23rd, 2018

Social housing from another perspektive_2



  • “Vienna Settlement Movement”
  • Emergency project from below – the beginning of the “Vienna Settlement Movement” 1919/1920
  • Development of a large-scale system of organised self-help 1921–1922/23
  • “On housing reform” – Reform proposals by the socialist Gustav Scheu (1875-1935)
  • The Red Vienna – Housing and Social Reform
  • Otto Neurath and the “socialization from below”
  • Adolf Loos and Margarete Schütte(-Lihotzky) and the topic “Learn to Live” (“Wohnen Lernen”)
  • Turning point – from the “Vienna Settlement Movement” to the “Red Vienna”
  • The Vienna Housing Program (“Das Wiener Wohnbauprogramm“)
  • Vienna buys building land
  • Social Housing in “Red Vienna”
  • Rents in municipal apartment buildings
  • “Built utopia” – 60,000 apartments in Red Vienna
  • Social housing from another perspective_2 (summary)

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