Architekturtheorie Zwei WS 18 / CIAM – the Human Scale and the City / Bettina Siegele

01 15th, 2019

In her lecture, about “CIAM – The Human Scale and the City” Bettina Siegele speaks about the first period of the Congrès international d’architecture moderne, its goals and the key-facts of every congress between 1928 and 1937.

Bettina Siegele finished her studies in architecture in 2018 with a thesis entitled „Ballard and the Pineal Eye – an architectural critique of modernism”, supervised by Bart Lootsma and with this work she also won the Deans Award. Since September 2019 she is PhD-Researcher and Teaching Assistant at the working group of Architecturaltheory at Innsbruck University. In addition, she is assistant atthe Tiroler Künstler*schaft, where she is, among other tasks, in charge of „Kunst im öffentlichen Raum” (art in public space) of the state of Tyrol (together with Ingeborg Erhart).Besides she is working as a freelance writer and curated her first show with local artists and students in autumn 2018.

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