Conference on Architecture, European Urbanisation and Globalisation / Agalee Degros

02 2nd, 2012

Aglaee Degros is cofounder of Artgineering (2001), an office for research and design at the border between urban planning and infrastructure. In 2010 she was visiting professor of Urban Culture and Public Space at the Vienna University of Technology. She has also been visiting lecturer at TU Delft, Academy of Architecture Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Arnhem, as well as at […] the UCL and ULB in Brussels. She is a member of the ‘Vlaams Jaarboek 2012’ editorial committee and the Europan scientific committee. She has served on the juries of Europan 10 (The Netherlands), Europan 11 (Switzerland), plus several competitions involving public space in Belgium. She is a member of the city of Nijmegen’s ‘Beeldkwaliteit’ committee (2009-2013), and the SFA committee. In 2005 Aglaee Degros was a jury member of Archiprix. She has written ‘N4-toward a living infrastructure’ (2007) with S. Bendiks, and ‘A12NU-onderzoek naar de A12 zone tussen Utrecht, Nieuwegein en Houten’ (2009) with H. van der Vegt and S. Bendiks. She is currently working with S. Bendiks on ‘Cycle infra’ (2012). About Aglaee Degros was published in Dialogue (Taiwan, 2009), A+ (2008) , Elle (2001) and Dérive (2006) and her work has been exhibited in the NAI (Rotterdam 2008), Westarch Ludwigforum (Aken 2010) and the Centre for Architecture Aorta: A12NU (Utrecht).

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