Design as Symptom / Peter Crnokrak / Data visualisation as critical art practice

05 14th, 2012

Peter Crnokrak (*1970, PhD) is an internationally renowned graphic artist and the Director of The Luxury of Protest studio in London. Born in Croatia and raised in Canada, he studied computational art at Concordia University, evolutionary biology at The University of Western Ontario and quantitative genetics at McGill University. He has worked as a senior designer for The Apartment in New York City and for Nick Bell Design in London. In 2009 he founded the communications consultancy and experimental design platform, The Luxury of Protest – to develop critical art projects that utilize design language to communicate meaning in complex systems. In 2010, Peter was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in recognition of award winning expertise in design and data visualisation – with particular recognition of work that addresses the impact of conflict on populations and human society.

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