Matchpoint Innsbruck / Alexander Pfanzelt / Beyond Use

03 7th, 2011

Phenomena embedded in abandoned objects in the Alpine Territory between the Allgäu Region and Lake Garda
The survey “Beyond Use” studies the open network of wastelands in the alpine territory, like touristic structures (hotels, ski-areas, ski-lifts), systems for energy production (mostly hydroelectric powerstations), military (defence structures, roads, tracks and paths), industrial (factories, mining), agricultural and other formations – partly urban systems or landmarks. Most of them have been abandoned for years and reduced to almost nothing – “invisible” for residents and tourists.

The defunctionalized figures are studied on their relation between the surrounding nature and the object (mostly buildings). The focus of this survey is on the phenomenon manifested in this specific, spatial situation between them. The analysis is based on a phenomenological approach, where categories and typologies are extracted out of the visual character on site. This research has to be seen as a critical and alternative approach for the development of future scenarios.
With special topic on landscape theory based on the work of John Brinckerhoff Jackson developed in the second half of the twentieth century. Here with focus on the method of seeing landscape and their interpretation in patterns. Besides this the theory of the third landscape by the French philosopher and landscape architect Gilles Clément plays an important role in dealing with wasteland, especially in former industrial areas. These theoretical positions were transformed in the Alpine Space to study the abandoned buildings.

The alpine territory is the laboratory, where special or unique phenomena become obvious due to the topography and the specific tectonic, geological and climate conditions. Within a circular method the observed objects are classified on the basis of a comprehensive system of categories. The typologies provide the possibility to compare different locations and to discover common structures.
The documented case studies are in the eastern part of the Alps. Starting with the Allgäu region/Germany in the north over the axis via the Fernpass route to Innsbruck/ Austria – Brennerpass, and the Reschenpass and Stelvio to Bolzano and there following the Etsch valley to Lake Garda near Verona/ Italy in the south.

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