Architekturtheorie Zwei WS 18 / CIAM – the Human Scale and the City / Bettina Siegele

In her lecture, about “CIAM – The Human Scale and the City” Bettina Siegele speaks about the first period of the Congrès international d’architecture moderne, its goals and the key-facts of every congress between 1928 and 1937. Bettina Siegele finished her studies in architecture in 2018 with a thesis entitled „Ballard and the Pineal Eye – […]

Architekturtheorie Zwei WS 18 / Modern Surfaces / Davide Tommaso Ferrando

Davide Tommaso Ferrando presents a dive into theories and buildings belonging to the history of modern architecture, observed from the perspective of the building surface. The examples discussed in the talk, which are put in relation with the changes in the visual culture of early-twentieth century, anticipate phenomena more famously observed and theorized after the […]

Architekurtheorie Zwei WS 18 / Bauhaus / Jana Fečkaninová

Bauhaus – the little world of “Bauhaus” The members of the Bauhaus considered themselves not just as art reformers (as it was in other art-schools in Germany that were reformed) but as societal reformers. Many of them were part of the post-war Expressionist movement and so, the Expressionist design of the handcrafted items, that were produced […]

Architekturtheorie Master SoSe18 / Freespace Biennale 2 / Bart Loostma

Bart Lootsma about the Architecture Biennale in Venice 2018.

Architekturtheorie Zwei WS 2018 / Modernity at the Mirror / Riccardo M. Villa

In his lecture “Modernity at the Mirror”Riccardo M. Villa speaks about transparency understood as “a third space” through the work of Le Corbusier, Bruno Taut, Mies van der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright. Riccardo M. Villa is Assistant Researcher at the Department for Architecture Theory and Philosophy of Technics of the Vienna University of Technology […]

Architekturtheorie Zwei WS 18 / From Weiß to White / Giacomo Pala

In his lecture “From Weiß to White” Giacomo Pala asks the question about the relationship between style and ideology in modern architecture. Giacomo Pala, graduate of the University of Genoa, is actually working at the Architectural-Theory-Department of the University of Innsbruck. He is working on his PhD with the working-title “Giovanni Battista Piranesi’s work and […]

Architekturtheorie Zwei WS 18 / Social housing from another perspective 2 / Bettina Schlorhaufer

Social housing from another perspektive_2   Content “Vienna Settlement Movement” Emergency project from below – the beginning of the “Vienna Settlement Movement” 1919/1920 Development of a large-scale system of organised self-help 1921–1922/23 “On housing reform” – Reform proposals by the socialist Gustav Scheu (1875-1935) The Red Vienna – Housing and Social Reform Otto Neurath and the […]

Architekturtheorie Master SoSe18 / Architecture Biennale 2018 / Bart Loostma

Bart Lootsma about the Architecture Biennale 2018 in Venice.

Architekturtheorie Zwei WS 18 / (Dis)continuities / Giulia Ricci

In her lecture “(Dis)continuities” Giula Ricci from Milan speaks about the continuities and discontinuities between the functionalist understanding of human environment from the CIAM to the “Unité d’habitation” by Le Corbusier and the project “Robin Hood Gardens” by Alison and Peter Smithon in London. The idea behind the lecture was to highlight how architects would […]

Architekturtheorie Zwei WS 18 / Architectural Propaganda / Sara Favargiotti

Sara Favargiotti is talking about Architectural Propaganda. Sara Favargiotti is working as Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Trento – DICAM as well as Research Affiliate at the Office for Urbanization, GSD Harvard University. She is specialized in landscape urbanism and ecological design with a specific focus on emerging infrastructures and their influence on […]

Architekturtheorie Zwei WS 18 / Social housing from another perspective 1 / Bettina Schlorhaufer

Content Comparison of two statistics (“Social housing” in Germany, 2018/Housing in Vienna during the 19th century) Living in Vienna before the First World War “Housing misery” – Wohnungselend Construction companies – “Terraingesellschaften” Rent The housing situation became the subject of critique at the end of the 19th century Intermediate chapter: Boden und Grundbesitz – land and property Intermediate […]

Architekturtheorie Master SoSe18 / Fundamentals / Bart Lootsma

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